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Transferring Cloned BI Report Ownership

Currently, the creator of a cloned BI Report has the option to add Report access to other instance users in the form of gear icon\"Share View-Only" and "Share View & Edit". When granting Report access with "Share View & Edit", while the ad...
15 days ago in Reporting - BI 0

Show OS State Data Points in UI rather than only via SIEM Integration

Currently, Monitoring Profile\OS State data points are only visible external to Teramind via SIEM integration. Information regarding start time, end time, and duration for OS States (Sleep, Lock, Screensaver) would be valuable metrics included in ...
16 days ago in Monitoring profiles / Reporting - Improve Data / UI 0

In Productivity Profiles, add the ability to select multiple values at once when creating a Category Rule for a Productivity Profile

When making a new Rule in a Productivity Profile, using Category as the type of Rule only allows the selection of a single category at a time. It would save a ton of time to be able to select many NetStar categories at once, and then flag them all...
16 days ago in Productivity profiles 0

Productivity Profiles: Allow Productivity Classification exception for a specific URL Rule to override Category Rule

When making a Configure\Productivity Profiles Rule, a goal is to have a singular URL be Productive while a related Category is Unproductive, or vice versa. Currently, what results when doing that is a conflicting/overlapping classification.
15 days ago in Productivity profiles 0

Reference a List of Admin/Manager Emails in the Notify Field in Behavior Rule Actions

In Behavior Rules, when entering emails in the Notify Action field, recipients can be added piecemeal. It would be more user-friendly to be able to reference a list (perhaps a Shared List) of recipient emails.
16 days ago in Behavior rules / Email notifications 0

Count idle time from when a user is first idle

Currently, idle time is counted beginning from after the idle time threshold. The Idle time in reports should be adjusted to account for the time before the idle time threshold (the point from when a user is first idle)For example, currently the r...
almost 2 years ago in Reporting / Reporting - Improve Data 3 In development

Detect activity rate cheating

Ability to detect when an employee are using tricks to falsify activity rate
about 2 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Future

Ability to export all data on a user

No description provided
almost 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Employee Management 1 Planning

Retention for Database data

Automatically delete database data after x days
almost 2 years ago in Data / Data retention 4 In development

Button to Import/Export Monitoring and Recording Data

For scenarios where a customer is transitioning to a new system, there does not seem to be a clean and easy way to take the various monitoring/recording databases from one on-prem Teramind deployment and transfer it to a new one. A button in the G...
almost 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Data retention 0 Future