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Show absents

Ability to show absent employees on bi reports
over 2 years ago in Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Login/logout alerts

Ability to receive a notification every time a user logs in and logs out
over 2 years ago in Behavior rules 1 Reviewed

Run Command Lines without interupting a User

The only way to run command lines right now is through a rule action or by taking over a machine with the remote control. I'd like to be able to go to someones machine and run command lines in the background without interrupting their work.
over 1 year ago in Agent / Remote Control 0 Reviewed

List duration that files are open

Show the total time a file has been opened in the BI (Business Intelligence) Reports > File Transfers report
over 2 years ago in Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Alert when login from a different computer

Ability to create an alert for when a user logs in from a different computer
about 3 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Reviewed

Multi-department users

Ability to list a user to multiple departments
over 3 years ago in Employee Management 0 Reviewed

Only Record Active Screens

When an employee is using multiple monitors, the screen recording picks up all the screens in use, and it shows them both on playback. It would be helpful if the screen recording only captured active screens.
over 1 year ago in Data capture / Player 0 Reviewed

Ability Tag/Group Computers

Computer groups similar to departments
over 3 years ago in Data / Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed

Monitor 3cx and microsip email

Add 3cx and Microsip as online meeting monitoring
almost 3 years ago in Parser - Voice / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Ability to search over all reports

Ability to search keywords on all reports, captured documents
over 2 years ago in Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed