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Data export

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Ability to export all data on a user

No description provided
about 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Employee Management 1 Planning

Button to Import/Export Monitoring and Recording Data

For scenarios where a customer is transitioning to a new system, there does not seem to be a clean and easy way to take the various monitoring/recording databases from one on-prem Teramind deployment and transfer it to a new one. A button in the G...
over 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Data retention 0 Future

BI Scheduled Export: A weekly export of only work days that's recurringly delivered on a specific day

Desired Functionality: Schedule the delivery of a report to be received on a Monday for the previous week's data, but have the exported report reflect only Monday through Friday. Current functionality: Using Schedule Export + Export Period\Week + ...
2 months ago in Data export / Reporting - BI / UI 0

Export Graphs to excel

Ability to export the bi report graphs on excel format
over 2 years ago in Data export / Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Embed live montage in Google Data Studio

Provide a way to display the live view inside of Google Desktop Studio
about 3 years ago in Data export / Integrations / Reporting 0 In development

Edit existing users with csv import

Feature Request to add ability to edit users with csv file import
about 3 years ago in Data export / Employee Management 0 Reviewed

Bulk Email Download

Ability to export emails in bulk
over 2 years ago in Data export / Reporting 0 Reviewed

Export Schedules

The ability to export schedules as a report
almost 3 years ago in Data export / Reporting / Schedules 0 Reviewed

64X video Export

Export videos at 64X speed
over 3 years ago in Data export / Player 0 Reviewed