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Only Record Active Screens

When an employee is using multiple monitors, the screen recording picks up all the screens in use, and it shows them both on playback. It would be helpful if the screen recording only captured active screens.
over 1 year ago in Data capture / Player 0 Reviewed

Option to view one screen at a time

When having multiple screens, ability to watch one screen at a time
over 3 years ago in Player 0 Reviewed

Keystrokes in Live stream

Keystrokes on Live Montage
over 2 years ago in Player 0 Reviewed

Enhance audio monitoring

Add options to improve audio clarity such as background/white noise removal and amplification to better hear speech
about 3 years ago in Player 0 Future

Prevent ability to hear audio

Disable the ability to unmute (hide unmute button) to allow playback of screen recordings but not playback with audio
over 3 years ago in Access control / Player 0 Planning

64X video Export

Export videos at 64X speed
about 3 years ago in Data export / Player 0 Reviewed