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Transferring Cloned BI Report Ownership

Currently, the creator of a cloned BI Report has the option to add Report access to other instance users in the form of gear icon\"Share View-Only" and "Share View & Edit". When granting Report access with "Share View & Edit", while the ad...
5 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

Show absents

Ability to show absent employees on bi reports
over 2 years ago in Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

BI Reports: Drill down Activity Level by app, website, classification

Desired Functionality: In a cloned BI Report, filter the Activity Level by application, website, and Classification. Examples of questions to solve through reporting: What's the average activity level when using productive apps/websites? What's th...
2 months ago in Reporting - BI / Reporting - Improve Data 0

BI Grid Column Widths: Make edits to column widths persist after save

Desired Functionality: Editing a grid widget column width prompts the cloned BI Report to be saved. The adjusted column width persists upon reloading the cloned BI Report if saved. Current Functionality: In cloned BI Reports, resizing a column wid...
2 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

BI Scheduled Export: A weekly export of only work days that's recurringly delivered on a specific day

Desired Functionality: Schedule the delivery of a report to be received on a Monday for the previous week's data, but have the exported report reflect only Monday through Friday. Current functionality: Using Schedule Export + Export Period\Week + ...
2 months ago in Data export / Reporting - BI / UI 0

Audit BI Report: Add 'Count' column to grid widget

Please add the 'Count' column to the Audit BI Report grid widget. A use case is to sort the frequency of 'Action Type' in a descending/ascending manner.
2 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

List duration that files are open

Show the total time a file has been opened in the BI (Business Intelligence) Reports > File Transfers report
over 2 years ago in Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Emailed BI Reports should allow CSV or PDF attachments

Allow scheduled BI (Business Intelligence) Report emails to contain a CSV or PDF file as an attachment rather than a zip fileFor example, the reports under the Monitoring menu than can be exported do allow the email to contain eithe a CSV or PDF.
almost 3 years ago in Email notifications / Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Export Graphs to excel

Ability to export the bi report graphs on excel format
over 2 years ago in Data export / Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Allow regex on BI reports filters

Allow regex on BI reports filters
over 2 years ago in Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed