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Count idle time from when a user is first idle

Currently, idle time is counted beginning from after the idle time threshold. The Idle time in reports should be adjusted to account for the time before the idle time threshold (the point from when a user is first idle)For example, currently the r...
about 2 years ago in Reporting / Reporting - Improve Data 3 In development

Retention for Database data

Automatically delete database data after x days
about 2 years ago in Data / Data retention 5 In development

Tag users based on origin IP address

Ability to tag employees based on IP address origin to differentiate employees in the dashboard that are connecting from inside the office vs remote/home
over 2 years ago in Behavior rules / Geolocation 0 In development

Add per-employee timezone

No description provided
almost 2 years ago in Employee Management / Reporting 0 In development

White Label Reselling

Its a wonderful Product but it requires White Label so that we can do our own branding and sell it with our own pricing as we go physically to customers to give them support
about 2 years ago in Accounts & Billing 1 In development

Telegram Monitoring

support for Telegram tracking
over 2 years ago in Parser - IM / Parsers 1 In development

Control default monitoring separately for users and computers

Split 'Enable Monitoring For New Agents By Default' setting to be enabled or disabled by user OR computer, instead of enabling/disabling monitoring for both
about 2 years ago in Monitoring profiles 0 In development

Set administrators via Active Directory/LDAP

Add ability to set administrators via Active Directory/LDAP
over 2 years ago in Active Directory / Employee Management / Integrations 0 In development

BI report should show data records with duration that intersects with filter date range

No description provided
over 1 year ago in Reporting - BI 0 In development

Embed live montage in Google Data Studio

Provide a way to display the live view inside of Google Desktop Studio
almost 3 years ago in Data export / Integrations / Reporting 0 In development