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Retention for Database data

Automatically delete database data after x days
over 1 year ago in Data retention 3 Planning

Track location by IP

Ability to receive an alert if someone's IP changes to a different country
almost 2 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Planning

API request support for OCR

Add methods to query/parse OCR (Optical Character Recognition) database directly via API (Application Programming Interface) so more complex search patterns or encoding can be utilized for advanced searching
over 2 years ago in API 0 Planning

Capture file shares on IM messages

Ability to capture and show files in web whatsapp
over 2 years ago in Data capture 1 Planning

Elastic DB Data Retention

Add data retention for elastic search DB
about 2 years ago in Data retention 0 Planning

AD authentication for the revealed agent

Allow employees to log into the revealed agent using Active Directory user credentials (for on-premise deployments only)
almost 3 years ago in Agent 0 Planning