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Button to Import/Export Monitoring and Recording Data

For scenarios where a customer is transitioning to a new system, there does not seem to be a clean and easy way to take the various monitoring/recording databases from one on-prem Teramind deployment and transfer it to a new one. A button in the G...
over 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Data retention 0 Future

Linux Agent

Develop an agent to monitor activity in Linux. Ubuntu is the most commonly requested Linux distro to be monitored
about 3 years ago in Agent 2 Future

Instagram monitoring

Instagram monitoring as social media
over 3 years ago in Parsers 0 Future

Enhance audio monitoring

Add options to improve audio clarity such as background/white noise removal and amplification to better hear speech
over 3 years ago in Player 0 Future

Support for ARM processors

Ability to install the Teramind Agent on ARM platform
about 3 years ago in Agent 0 Future

Note for Revealed agent

Allow method for revealed agent users to add notes, such as when clocking out and have these notes visible in the Time Cards/Records
almost 4 years ago in Agent / Revealed Agent / UI 0 Future