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Productivity profiles

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In Productivity Profiles, add the ability to select multiple values at once when creating a Category Rule for a Productivity Profile

When making a new Rule in a Productivity Profile, using Category as the type of Rule only allows the selection of a single category at a time. It would save a ton of time to be able to select many NetStar categories at once, and then flag them all...
3 months ago in Productivity profiles 0

Productivity Profiles: Allow Productivity Classification exception for a specific URL Rule to override Category Rule

When making a Configure\Productivity Profiles Rule, a goal is to have a singular URL be Productive while a related Category is Unproductive, or vice versa. Currently, what results when doing that is a conflicting/overlapping classification.
3 months ago in Productivity profiles 0

Granular Classification for productive profiles

Ability to rank productive/unproductive apps/web into productivity levels. For example, Youtube could be ranked -2 (Very unproductive), Excel ranking 2 (Very productive) and Outlook ranking 1 (Semi-productive)
over 3 years ago in Behavior rules / Productivity profiles / Reporting 0 Reviewed

Export/Import of Productivity Profiles

Add ability to export and import productivity profiles, similar to how Shared Lists can be exported and imported
almost 3 years ago in Productivity profiles 0 Reviewed