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Monitoring profiles

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Show OS State Data Points in UI rather than only via SIEM Integration

Currently, Monitoring Profile\OS State data points are only visible external to Teramind via SIEM integration. Information regarding start time, end time, and duration for OS States (Sleep, Lock, Screensaver) would be valuable metrics included in ...
5 months ago in Monitoring profiles / Reporting - Improve Data / UI 0

Control default monitoring separately for users and computers

Split 'Enable Monitoring For New Agents By Default' setting to be enabled or disabled by user OR computer, instead of enabling/disabling monitoring for both
over 2 years ago in Monitoring profiles 0 In development

Email notification on monitoring settings modification

Ability to send an e-mail to the employee’s (x) supervisor(y) when the Teramind administrator(z) changes the monitoring policy of the employee(x).
over 3 years ago in Email notifications / Monitoring profiles 0 Reviewed

Set an application/URL to report 100% activity

Ability to override the activity percentage based on application or URL (for example, to report an employee as 100% active in a Zoom meeting when there is little to no keyboard and mouse activity)
over 3 years ago in Monitoring profiles / Reporting 0 Reviewed

Change monitoring setting fields to be more descriptive/intuitive

Redo monitoring settings so the field descriptions and conditions are more intuitiveAlso clearly list which fields accept wildcards/regular expressions and examples would be helpful
about 3 years ago in Monitoring profiles / UI 0 Reviewed

Suspend screen monitoring but keep tracking

Ability to log websites in websites and applications log you don't record video for. (like suspend monitoring for these websites, but just black out video, and keep it in applications and websites logs)
over 3 years ago in Data capture / Monitoring profiles 0 Reviewed

Monitoring Settings - Allow Monitoring based on Departments

Hi team. We need to add to the wish list one request that is going to help us with the recording part by department. At the moment we are adding user by user in the monitoring setting menu. The request will be for the support team from Teramind: L...
almost 2 years ago in Monitoring profiles 0 In development

Disable monitoring or screen recording per task

Ability to disable monitoring or screen recording based on task selected by the employee
over 3 years ago in Monitoring profiles 0 Reviewed