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Reference a List of Admin/Manager Emails in the Notify Field in Behavior Rule Actions

In Behavior Rules, when entering emails in the Notify Action field, recipients can be added piecemeal. It would be more user-friendly to be able to reference a list (perhaps a Shared List) of recipient emails.
7 months ago in Behavior rules / Email notifications 0

Add Safari to browsers supported by Request Type\Webpage Visited

Employees monitored by the Mac Agent are often using Safari exclusively as their web browser. The parameter in Webpage Activity Rules to limit false positives, Request Type\Webpage Visited, is fantastic but doesn't support Safari. There is a hesit...
4 months ago in Behavior rules 0

Clone BI report tabs

The ability to Clone/ Copy a BI report's tabs from one BI report to another BI report and inside the same report.
8 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

Ability Tag/Group Computers

Computer groups similar to departments
over 3 years ago in Data / Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed

Update BI Classification when a custom category is archived

fully delete custom productivity categories that they no longer use. would like the contents of those categories to be re-assigned to "Unclassified" when the custom categories are deleted.
4 months ago in Productivity profiles 0

Monitor 3cx and microsip email

Add 3cx and Microsip as online meeting monitoring
almost 3 years ago in Parser - Voice / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Add ability to change admin's permission to different Access Levels for training purposes

Allow for true Administrators to set their role as "Employee" "Ops Admin" "Infra Admin" etc for within the dashboard so that the can train other users on how to use TM without having to avoid certain pages.
5 months ago in UI 0

Screenshots of rule violations

Automatically take screenshots (not videos) when a rule is violated
almost 3 years ago in Agent / Behavior rules 0 Planning

BI Reports: Drill down Activity Level by app, website, classification

Desired Functionality: In a cloned BI Report, filter the Activity Level by application, website, and Classification. Examples of questions to solve through reporting: What's the average activity level when using productive apps/websites? What's th...
5 months ago in Reporting - BI / Reporting - Improve Data 0

BI Grid Column Widths: Make edits to column widths persist after save

Desired Functionality: Editing a grid widget column width prompts the cloned BI Report to be saved. The adjusted column width persists upon reloading the cloned BI Report if saved. Current Functionality: In cloned BI Reports, resizing a column wid...
5 months ago in Reporting - BI 0