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Flag employees working from home

Ability to mark an employee with a characteristic that indicates they work from home on a particular day
over 1 year ago in Schedules 0 Reviewed

Track location by IP

Ability to receive an alert if someone's IP changes to a different country
over 1 year ago in Behavior rules 0 Planning

Show locked session duration and active times in BI reports

Add locked session duration and total active hours duration into the BI (Business Intelligence) ReportsCurrently the Active Hours duration is listed in the Productivity > Time Worked report but not BI Reports > Productivity Report (just Acti...
over 1 year ago in Reports & Exporting 0 Reviewed

Assign the review of an Alert to a Manager via ticketing system

Create the ability to assign manager review to an Alert via a ticketing system. Who is working on the Alert? What Alerts have been reviewed? Checkbox to mark which Alerts have been reviewed Comment field to correlate an alert to a Jira ticket number
6 months ago in Behavior rules 1

List duration that files are open

Show the total time a file has been opened in the BI (Business Intelligence) Reports > File Transfers report
over 1 year ago in Reports & Exporting 0 Reviewed

Login/logout alerts

Ability to receive a notification every time a user logs in and logs out
over 1 year ago in Behavior rules 1 Reviewed

Notification of new agent version release

Display an obvious notification in the dashboard that a new agent is available to download or provide an email to admins upon a new agent release
almost 2 years ago in Accounts & Billing 1 In development

Dark Mode Skin

Allow to change the visual interface to dark mode
over 1 year ago in UI 1 Future

Add per-employee timezone

No description provided
11 months ago in Reports & Exporting 0 In development

Show absents

Ability to show absent employees on bi reports
over 1 year ago in Reports & Exporting 0 Reviewed