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Real-time network health monitoring

I'd like to be able to see the health of the internet connection on the device.
20 days ago in Network Driver 0

Admin password prompt submitting

Add the ability to submit the admin password prompt by pressing the "Enter" key instead of having to click the "CONFIRM" button after you type your password.
about 1 month ago in UI 0

Add as a supported browser

Add as a supported browser
about 1 month ago in Data capture 0

Email alerts for Activity Falsification from OMNI

Add more alerting based on activity falsification, including email notifications to specified recipients.
about 2 months ago in Email notifications 0

Pull telemetry info from other sources e.g. Microsoft Graph

Would be helpful to get/view/process data Teramind doesn't capture (e.g. MS Teams messages sent from mobile devices / from devices Teramind is not installed on) with Teramind's BI/AI tooling.
about 2 months ago in Data capture 0

Add 'Task Creation' as standalone Access Control permission (Revealed Agent)

Sometimes employees create too many one-off Tasks for management to track with reporting. Adding 'Task Creation' as a standalone permission in Access Control would greatly improve the administrative experience when auditing performance across mult...
about 2 months ago in Access control / Revealed Agent 0

Access Control permissions to allow video + audio playback or video + blocked audio

The ability to watch a video with audio or a video only (audio blocked from playback despite being captured) is considered a different degree of access. Proposed additions to Access Control: Play live screen stream (with audio) Play live screen st...
2 months ago in Access control / Player / UI 0

audio only export

The ability to export any captured audio separate from captured video. This would be useful for when the audio and video is not synced or when we just need the audio.
3 months ago in Data export 0

retention policy for email attachments and printed docs for On-Prem deployment.

Some users have requirements to delete email attachments and printed docs after 5 years, but the maximum value we support is 365, we cannot go above 365. When they try to save the monitoring profile with 1826 days set for docs and attachments (~5 ...
3 months ago in Monitoring profiles 0

Allow the ability to click on the thumbnails in snapshots and see an image with comparable resolution to the session player.

Scenario: An employee has an access control policy They can see the snapshots reports but can not access the session player The ideal situation for this request would allow that employee to click the thumbnail and get a higher resolution still image.
3 months ago in UI 0