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Icewarp Email support

Icewarp email integration
over 3 years ago in Parser - Email / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Cisco Jabber IM

Support for Cisco Jabber IM monitoring
over 3 years ago in Parser - IM / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Detailed list of actions and clicks in apps and browsers

Ability to track all actions and elements clicked on for browsers and apps
over 3 years ago in Data capture / Reporting - Improve Data 0 Reviewed

Offline recording for revealed agent

Allow offline recording functionality for the revealed agent (Currently only available for Windows hidden agents)
over 3 years ago in Agent 1 Will not implement

Notes for Revealed Agent

Allow users to classify/justify their own idle time with a note
over 3 years ago in Employee Management / UI 0 Reviewed

Lock computers out during non workhours

Ability to lock out computers outside of agent schedule
over 3 years ago in Behavior rules / Remote Control / Security 0 Reviewed

Microfone Online Meetings support

Microfone Online Meetings support
over 3 years ago in Data capture 1 Already exists

LinkedIN recruiter IM support

Linkedin Recruiter instant messages support
over 3 years ago in Parser - IM / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Cliq Im Monitoring

Monitoring Cliq instant messaging
over 3 years ago in Parser - IM / Parsers 1 Reviewed

Email notification on monitoring settings modification

Ability to send an e-mail to the employee’s (x) supervisor(y) when the Teramind administrator(z) changes the monitoring policy of the employee(x).
over 3 years ago in Email notifications / Monitoring profiles 0 Reviewed