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BI Grid Column Widths: Make edits to column widths persist after save

Desired Functionality: Editing a grid widget column width prompts the cloned BI Report to be saved. The adjusted column width persists upon reloading the cloned BI Report if saved. Current Functionality: In cloned BI Reports, resizing a column wid...
5 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

Add support for Proton Mail (web)

Add Proton Mail (web) to email monitoring
5 months ago in Parser - Email 0

Add an 'Exclude' Field on the RBAC Screen

Adding the exclude field would allow organizations of larger size to implement RBAC policies for members of leadership that "target" all employees (everyone), and then allow for other members of the leadership team to be Excluded from the targets ...
5 months ago in Access control 0

BI Scheduled Export: A weekly export of only work days that's recurringly delivered on a specific day

Desired Functionality: Schedule the delivery of a report to be received on a Monday for the previous week's data, but have the exported report reflect only Monday through Friday. Current functionality: Using Schedule Export + Export Period\Week + ...
5 months ago in Data export / Reporting - BI / UI 0

The ability to control which possible recipients appear in the Rule Action\Notify field

In Behavior Rules, any employee could potentially be selected in the Notify field. As a security precaution, it would be valuable to control the recipients that populate as options for notifying. Perhaps, in Settings, you could specify all the pos...
5 months ago in Behavior rules / Email notifications 0

Audit BI Report: Add 'Count' column to grid widget

Please add the 'Count' column to the Audit BI Report grid widget. A use case is to sort the frequency of 'Action Type' in a descending/ascending manner.
5 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

Export chosen monitor video

Please allow us to choose the monitor we want to export instead of automatically exporting all monitors that are shown. Our users typically have 3 screens, and most of the time we export video we only need one of them. Having all 3 makes the video...
5 months ago in Data export 0

Productivity Profiles: Allow Productivity Classification exception for a specific URL Rule to override Category Rule

When making a Configure\Productivity Profiles Rule, a goal is to have a singular URL be Productive while a related Category is Unproductive, or vice versa. Currently, what results when doing that is a conflicting/overlapping classification.
7 months ago in Productivity profiles 0

Transferring Cloned BI Report Ownership

Currently, the creator of a cloned BI Report has the option to add Report access to other instance users in the form of gear icon\"Share View-Only" and "Share View & Edit". When granting Report access with "Share View & Edit", while the ad...
7 months ago in Reporting - BI 0

Show OS State Data Points in UI rather than only via SIEM Integration

Currently, Monitoring Profile\OS State data points are only visible external to Teramind via SIEM integration. Information regarding start time, end time, and duration for OS States (Sleep, Lock, Screensaver) would be valuable metrics included in ...
7 months ago in Monitoring profiles / Reporting - Improve Data / UI 0