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Created on Feb 2, 2024

BI Scheduled Export: A weekly export of only work days that's recurringly delivered on a specific day

Desired Functionality: Schedule the delivery of a report to be received on a Monday for the previous week's data, but have the exported report reflect only Monday through Friday.

Current functionality: Using Schedule Export + Export Period\Week + Export Days\Monday = A report regularly delivered on a Monday for data on the previous 7 days. While this functionality is valuable for tracking legitimate or suspicious work time on weekends, it is unhelpful for clients only concerned with Monday-to-Friday information.

Additional Note: If the BI Report only contains a grid widget, which is then auto-exported to .csv, the 7-day report coverage provides inaccurate metrics of the employees' Monday-to-Friday performance.

  • For example, I want to see a Productivity Report .csv export of each employee's work week to share with other leaders. Idle Time during the work week is specifically important. If any employee happened to accrue Idle Time over the weekend, then I don't want that counted against them in my report.