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Disable monitoring or screen recording per task

Ability to disable monitoring or screen recording based on task selected by the employee
almost 4 years ago in Monitoring profiles 0 Reviewed

Prevent Managers from accessing screen recordings

Disable the ability for employees or department managers to download screen recordings if granted access to playback of the recordings
almost 4 years ago in Access control 0 Reviewed

Prevent ability to hear audio

Disable the ability to unmute (hide unmute button) to allow playback of screen recordings but not playback with audio
almost 4 years ago in Access control / Player 0 Planning

Change time format in video export form

Snapshots and timestamp are on 24h, and video export form is on 12h (AM/PM) format
almost 4 years ago in UI 0 Reviewed

Block websites by category

Ability to set rules based on website category
almost 4 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Reviewed

Release notes matching the Server and Schema Version

Release notes in Teramind Knowledge Base should match server and schema version in Gear > Settings > About screen but should still also list the TMU #
almost 4 years ago in Accounts & Billing 1 Reviewed

Employee's title

Add employee's title column on BI Reports Grid
almost 4 years ago in Reporting - BI 1 Reviewed

Vonage Monitoring Support

Vonage Monitoring support
almost 4 years ago in Parser - Voice 0 Reviewed

Rule bulk edit

Ability to add notification emails as bulk
almost 4 years ago in UI 2 Reviewed

Multiselect reports to export (BI reports addresses this wish) this idea should be deleted

Ability to select what reports to export at once and the date range
almost 4 years ago in Reporting 1 Already exists