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Adjustable Activity % calculation

Allow the activity calculation algorithm to be adjustable to change the words per minute that the activity percentage is measured off of.
almost 4 years ago in Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed

Public Feature Roadmap

Offer a public feature roadmap for customers
almost 4 years ago in Other 0 Reviewed

Alert on each unique process instance of an application

Abilty to be alerted every time an application is oppened with different Process ID
almost 4 years ago in Agent / Behavior rules / Security 0 Reviewed

Option to view one screen at a time

When having multiple screens, ability to watch one screen at a time
almost 4 years ago in Player 0 Reviewed

Disable IPv6 on installation

Ability to disable the IPv6 protocol on network adapters during agent installation since IPv6 is not supported by the Teramind agent
almost 4 years ago in Agent 0 Reviewed

Granular Classification for productive profiles

Ability to rank productive/unproductive apps/web into productivity levels. For example, Youtube could be ranked -2 (Very unproductive), Excel ranking 2 (Very productive) and Outlook ranking 1 (Semi-productive)
almost 4 years ago in Behavior rules / Productivity profiles / Reporting 0 Reviewed

Query list of used computer and export recordings for them via API

Ability to fetch all the computers used by an employee via API (Application Programming Interface) and export the recordings for each of the computers in a single API call
almost 4 years ago in API 1 Reviewed

Uninstall revealed Agent from dashboard

Ability to remotely uninstall a revealed agent via the Teramind web dashboard
almost 4 years ago in Agent / Revealed Agent 0 Reviewed

Google Chat Chrome plugin Monitoring

Google Chat Chrome plugin support as IM
almost 4 years ago in Parser - IM / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Ability to select break/lunch or system detect no activity (Revealed Agent)

Abililty to submit a note or select a reason inside the revealed agent for stopping a task or being idle and to also act as a reminder to Start a task again when resuming work These options should be available even when a task is not started
almost 4 years ago in Agent / Revealed Agent 0 Reviewed