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Add per-employee timezone

No description provided
about 2 years ago in Employee Management / Reporting 0 Planning

Ability to export all data on a user

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Employee Management 1 Planning

Automatic reports sent to users

Be able to schedule automatic productivity reports to be sent daily, weekly, etc. to monitored users, showing all users' activity/productivity levels.
over 2 years ago in Reporting 1 Planning

Count idle time from when a user is first idle

Currently, idle time is counted beginning from after the idle time threshold. The Idle time in reports should be adjusted to account for the time before the idle time threshold (the point from when a user is first idle)For example, currently the r...
over 2 years ago in Reporting / Reporting - Improve Data 3 Planning

Online access to Invoices

Allow access to all invoices from self-hosted portal (on-premise deployments) or cloud instance dashboard (Cloud hosted deployments)
over 2 years ago in Accounts & Billing 0 Planning

Duplicate Task name warning

Warn the user when entering a duplicate task name
over 2 years ago in UI 0 Planning

Telegram Monitoring

support for Telegram tracking
over 2 years ago in Parser - IM / Parsers 1 Planning

Remove camera icon from reports for unprivileged users

Hide the camera/video icon in the reports if employees don't have permissions to play back screen recordings
over 2 years ago in Access control 0 Planning

Warn users when late

be able to notify an employee once they are late, at the moment there is no such feature, we can only notify an administrator or any other person (with fixed email in a rule)
almost 3 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Planning

Add download permissions on access control policies

Add permissions in access control policies to prevent downloading content such as email attachments, printed documents, reports, etc. restrictions on manager accountsThese restrictions should also be available to apply to manager accounts
almost 3 years ago in Access control 0 Planning