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Change time format in video export form

Snapshots and timestamp are on 24h, and video export form is on 12h (AM/PM) format
almost 4 years ago in UI 0 Reviewed

Multiselect reports to export (BI reports addresses this wish) this idea should be deleted

Ability to select what reports to export at once and the date range
almost 4 years ago in Reporting 1 Already exists

IBM Notes email support

Support IBM notes email monitoring
almost 4 years ago in Parser - Email / Parsers 0 Reviewed

Block file transfer Lineme

Block transfer file over Line sofware
almost 4 years ago in Parsers 0 Reviewed

Key Logging disable for PII

prevent from capturing SSN, and Drivers License numbers
almost 4 years ago in Data capture 0 Reviewed

Shared Lists with File Activity Rules Conditions

Ability to use shared lists in file activity rule conditions
almost 4 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Reviewed

Full Japanese language support

While Japanese is a current dashboard option, the translation isn't complete and reports should export in Japanese as well
about 4 years ago in Reporting 0 Reviewed

AD authentication for the revealed agent

Allow employees to log into the revealed agent using Active Directory user credentials (for on-premise deployments only)
about 4 years ago in Active Directory / Agent 0 Planning

LEEF Siems processing

Ability for LEEFS processing for SIEMS instead of just CEF
about 4 years ago in Integrations 0 Reviewed