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Only Record Active Screens

When an employee is using multiple monitors, the screen recording picks up all the screens in use, and it shows them both on playback. It would be helpful if the screen recording only captured active screens.
over 1 year ago in Data capture / Player 0 Reviewed

Reporting tags from BI

Allow user defined tags other than Productive, Unproductive and Unclassified for reporting purposes. The user can select multiple applications for the custom tag(s) and then they can be used for reporting in BI Reports.
over 1 year ago in Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Run Command Lines without interupting a User

The only way to run command lines right now is through a rule action or by taking over a machine with the remote control. I'd like to be able to go to someones machine and run command lines in the background without interrupting their work.
over 1 year ago in Agent / Remote Control 0 Reviewed

Content Behavior rule - Block message, make warning as pop-up

No description provided
almost 2 years ago in Behavior rules 0 Reviewed

Schedules should have next week, months

schedules must have next week and next months options also it should have easier way to adjust working shift
almost 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Reviewed

Add a field to users' profiles for payroll ID from the users' payroll system.

Adding a field in the users' profiles for payroll ID will enable users to more easily match any internal reporting by user to productivity reporting available in Teramind. The payroll ID should be available for inclusion in data exports
almost 2 years ago in Employee Management / Reporting 0 Reviewed

Allow schedule assignment based on departments.

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Reviewed

Arrows to navigate days

When looking at a particular day, if I want to move forward or backward one day it would be nice to be able to click a Back or Forward arrow rather than having to click the Calendar and selecting another date
over 2 years ago in UI 0 Reviewed

Ability to define employee wage by Task Cost

Add ability to assign or report an employee's wage/rate based on the cost assigned to tasks they worked on rather than the current option of assigning an hourly or annual rate
over 2 years ago in Employee Management / Reporting 0 Reviewed

Configure Snapshot Interval

Ability to Configure snapshots to X minutes instead of 10
over 2 years ago in Agent / UI 0 Reviewed