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Ability to export all data on a user

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Employee Management 1 Planning

Retention for Database data

Automatically delete database data after x days
over 2 years ago in Data / Data retention 7 In development

Button to Import/Export Monitoring and Recording Data

For scenarios where a customer is transitioning to a new system, there does not seem to be a clean and easy way to take the various monitoring/recording databases from one on-prem Teramind deployment and transfer it to a new one. A button in the G...
over 2 years ago in Data / Data export / Data retention 0 Future

Ability Tag/Group Computers

Computer groups similar to departments
over 3 years ago in Data / Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed

Export Graphs to excel

Ability to export the bi report graphs on excel format
almost 3 years ago in Data export / Reporting - BI 0 Reviewed

Only Record Active Screens

When an employee is using multiple monitors, the screen recording picks up all the screens in use, and it shows them both on playback. It would be helpful if the screen recording only captured active screens.
over 1 year ago in Data capture / Player 0 Reviewed

Resource Monitor

Add a resource monitor to the agent/dashboard, CPU, RAM DISK and Internet speed
over 3 years ago in Data capture / Reporting 0 Reviewed

audio only export

The ability to export any captured audio separate from captured video. This would be useful for when the audio and video is not synced or when we just need the audio.
28 days ago in Data export 0

Deleted Emails monitoring

Tracking of any deleted Email from any computer.
about 3 years ago in Data capture 0 Reviewed

Edit existing users with csv import

Feature Request to add ability to edit users with csv file import
about 3 years ago in Data export / Employee Management 0 Reviewed