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Access Control permissions to allow video + audio playback or video + blocked audio

The ability to watch a video with audio or a video only (audio blocked from playback despite being captured) is considered a different degree of access. Proposed additions to Access Control: Play live screen stream (with audio) Play live screen st...
about 1 month ago in Access control / Player / UI 0

Allow the ability to click on the thumbnails in snapshots and see an image with comparable resolution to the session player.

Scenario: An employee has an access control policy They can see the snapshots reports but can not access the session player The ideal situation for this request would allow that employee to click the thumbnail and get a higher resolution still image.
2 months ago in UI 0

Show OS State Data Points in UI rather than only via SIEM Integration

Currently, Monitoring Profile\OS State data points are only visible external to Teramind via SIEM integration. Information regarding start time, end time, and duration for OS States (Sleep, Lock, Screensaver) would be valuable metrics included in ...
7 months ago in Monitoring profiles / Reporting - Improve Data / UI 0

Dark Mode Skin

Allow to change the visual interface to dark mode
over 2 years ago in UI 1 In development

Employee ID number

Ability to assign a number to employees as unique ID
over 2 years ago in UI 3 Already exists

Ability Tag/Group Computers

Computer groups similar to departments
over 3 years ago in Data / Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed

Add ability to change admin's permission to different Access Levels for training purposes

Allow for true Administrators to set their role as "Employee" "Ops Admin" "Infra Admin" etc for within the dashboard so that the can train other users on how to use TM without having to avoid certain pages.
5 months ago in UI 0

Ability to search over all reports

Ability to search keywords on all reports, captured documents
over 2 years ago in Reporting / UI 0 Reviewed

BI Scheduled Export: A weekly export of only work days that's recurringly delivered on a specific day

Desired Functionality: Schedule the delivery of a report to be received on a Monday for the previous week's data, but have the exported report reflect only Monday through Friday. Current functionality: Using Schedule Export + Export Period\Week + ...
5 months ago in Data export / Reporting - BI / UI 0

bulk save all email attachments

A way to quickly save all the attachments that are in an email, or a way to save all attachments in multiple emails over a given time frame.
10 months ago in UI 0