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Make OCR able to recognize Chinese

Add the Chinese language, (both simplified, and traditional characters) to OCR capability.
over 1 year ago in Other 0 In development

Count idle time from when a user is first idle

Currently, idle time is counted beginning from after the idle time threshold. The Idle time in reports should be adjusted to account for the time before the idle time threshold (the point from when a user is first idle)For example, currently the r...
over 1 year ago in Other 3 In development

Ability to define employee wage by Task Cost

Add ability to assign or report an employee's wage/rate based on the cost assigned to tasks they worked on rather than the current option of assigning an hourly or annual rate
over 1 year ago in Other 0 Reviewed

Enroll new agent before user log in

Add the computer account into the dashboard immeditately after agent installation, even before a user logs in.(Currently, if the agent is installed remotely, it won't connect until a user logs in)
over 1 year ago in Other 0 Reviewed

Tag users based on origin IP address

Ability to tag employees based on IP address origin to differentiate employees in the dashboard that are connecting from inside the office vs remote/home
over 1 year ago in Other 0 Reviewed

Notification when a computer's IP has changed

Provide a way to notify when a computer's IP address has changed
almost 2 years ago in Other 0 Reviewed

Ability to merge employee accounts

Allow the ability to merge or link employee accounts, such as duplicates that may occur due to changing hostnames of a computer, or an employee changing computers and therefore a new local user account is being monitored
about 2 years ago in Other 1 Reviewed

Display deliberate disconnects different than network issues

Allow Session reports to show the reason for breaks/disruptions to differentiate background network stability issues from user-initiated network changes like switching networks, going offline, shutting down, logging off, etc.
over 2 years ago in Other 0 Reviewed

RSS Feed for Teramind News/Updates Page

RSS feed in Teams to automatically get notified of new Teramind features or new releases
over 2 years ago in Other 0 Reviewed

Public Feature Roadmap

Offer a public feature roadmap for customers
over 2 years ago in Other 0 Reviewed