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API request without paging

Ability to request all data at once or to know how many pages it contains.
almost 3 years ago in API 0 Reviewed

Query list of used computer and export recordings for them via API

Ability to fetch all the computers used by an employee via API (Application Programming Interface) and export the recordings for each of the computers in a single API call
almost 4 years ago in API 1 Reviewed

Query employee status via API

Ability to query the detailed current status of an employee (like "Idle", "Session locked", etc) via API (Application programming interface)Currently the Computers report and Missing Users/Computers report can list the agent's basic status, but no...
over 2 years ago in API 0 Reviewed

Change time format on API calls

Change the time format in API (Application Programming Interface) calls to a readable format or Unix timestamp instead of listing PostgreSQL time ranges
over 2 years ago in API 1 Will not implement