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Linux Agent

Develop an agent to monitor activity in Linux. Ubuntu is the most commonly requested Linux distro to be monitored
about 3 years ago in Agent 2 Future

Run Command Lines without interupting a User

The only way to run command lines right now is through a rule action or by taking over a machine with the remote control. I'd like to be able to go to someones machine and run command lines in the background without interrupting their work.
over 1 year ago in Agent / Remote Control 0 Reviewed

Screenshots of rule violations

Automatically take screenshots (not videos) when a rule is violated
almost 3 years ago in Agent / Behavior rules 0 Planning

Hide windows microphone icon when recording sound

Hide the microphone in the Windows system tray when audio monitoring is enabled
over 3 years ago in Agent 1 Will not implement

Capture keystrokes while Windows session is locked with Win+L

Add ability to capture keystrokes before a user logs in and also if the desktop is locked
over 2 years ago in Agent 0 Reviewed

Capture files from computers when controlled remotely

Add the ability to copy files to/from computers when controlled remotely, similar to the file transfer abilities of TeamViewer and AnyDesk
over 2 years ago in Agent / Remote Control 0 Will not implement

Black out screen when controlling remotely from dashboard

Ability to block end-user from seeing the screen when controlled remotely to hide the actions of an adminisrator (for example, so users can't see senstive info accessed by the admin)
over 3 years ago in Agent / Remote Control 0 Reviewed

Configure Snapshot Interval

Ability to Configure snapshots to X minutes instead of 10
over 2 years ago in Agent / UI 0 Reviewed

Enroll new agent before user log in

Add the computer account into the dashboard immeditately after agent installation, even before a user logs in.(Currently, if the agent is installed remotely, it won't connect until a user logs in)
over 2 years ago in Agent 0 Reviewed

Support for ARM processors

Ability to install the Teramind Agent on ARM platform
about 3 years ago in Agent 0 Future